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Getting back to the roots

September 10, 2011 Leave a comment

Well, I just commit myself to start learning how to code and deploy in Ruby. It will be hard but, I will commit myself to study a lot and research a lot to be able to build by the end of this year.

Wish me luck! and all the Rubys people out there let me know if you can mentor me.

Have a great weekend!

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Re-setting expectations to win

January 11, 2011 Leave a comment

Happy new year! This is my first post of 2011. And I have the goal to be consistent this year. Let’s start.


After the industrial age, the information age become popular and it seems that we are entering on the customer service age.

Given that production of goods is now serialized, product quality is comparable between brands. And quality is an already expected component on every product you buy. Bottom line we are in a commoditized world.

Some examples.  Do you want a pizza? There are more than 60,000 different pizza restaurants in the US alone. Do you want to buy a pair of shoes?  Zappos manage 500 brands with more than 60,000 styles. Do you want to buy a car? There are plenty models to choose from. The list goes on.

Companies are looking to differentiate from the competition to get more market share and they are doing it thru customer service.  Who have not heard about Comcast turn around using twitter? or Continental story to become one of the best airlines some years ago?,  Zappos (powered by service) or Netflix and  how they did that? You got it. Through customer service!

There are many books and blogs about theories and methodologies on how to create customer service. But I want to get to one technique that is key: Re-setting you customer expectation. This is specially true when you company is selling intangible, but also apply to products.

First, how customer expectations are built?

Customer expectations are built based on your brand, a comparable market product/service and your customer previous experience with similar product/services.

On your brand is based on what you say you offer. It is included in your company mission, your marketing message, your company logo and the way your employees behave. Everything your brand projects creates an expectation. Just think about Apple. As soon as you heard the word Apple, you are expecting great design, cool environment and great service on Apple stores.

On a comparable market product/service. Your competitors promises/message create an expectation on your potential customer mind. And then they create a standard expectation for the type of product they are going to buy. If you like coffee you probably compare Starbucks with Peets and define what you expect on each based on similar service/product.

On previous experience. Based on their previous experiences customers tend to get down or up their expectations. What car do you drive? A BMW or an old Malibu. As soon as you jump on a Mercedes, you will compare it with your previous car and will move your expectations up or down.

Time to, re-set your customer expectations.

Your customer comes to you with a preconceived idea about what he/she is going to receive from the product/service he/she is buying. Knowing what they are expecting is very important to know to be able to perform to at least meet customer expectations.

Start always with questions. When you customer comes to you with a request, counter with a question about the specifics and then set the expectation. Example: A customer calls asking to review some code and wants you to call as soon as you finish. As soon as they finish talking, ask when they are expecting you to finish. What percentage of coverage they need and perhaps what they are looking for on that review as an output.

Never assume. One common mistake is to assume that your customer already knows what your abilities are and the complexity of what they are asking for or buying is and never clarify about it.

Better underpromise. When your customer comes with big expectations, smoothly under-promise. There is a risk or disappointment at the beginning but it will be worth the effort when you over deliver and end up with a satisfied customer.

When creating customer expectations make sure that your capability to deliver what you promise is enough and beyond your message. There is an adage. “It is better to be than not to appear, than it is to appear and not to be”.

Take every interaction with your customers to measure their expectations and to deliver beyond that and you will have satisfied customers all year long.

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Do not feel guilty…

December 24, 2010 Leave a comment


When moving to a more balanced life it is always an experience to feel guilty about dedicating some of your time to other not so “important” things at the time. If you feel guilty just right after you finish your activity, do not take it too deep. It is normal to feel that way, the first time.  If you continue feeling that way, then take your time to analyze and evaluate if that is really something you enjoy or not.

It is always important to dedicate your self to something that will fill your self physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Good luck on your path to happiness.

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Sharing some of you..

December 23, 2010 Leave a comment

When I look back in time and see how I have growth personally and professionally and the people that have been in my life to make that happen, it remind myself to share that wisdom and energy with others.

Tomorrow I will finally do something that I have been wanting to do for years. To share part of myself to those less fortunate. That have been values that I grew up with, but for some reason or another it did not trigger the action.  I will let you know how it feels to give yourself to people you do not know and to share part of what you have been harvesting in life.

Good day to everyone!



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Today is appreciation day!!

January 1, 2010 Leave a comment

Here I am hiding in my room from my wife that wants to take me off the house to start new years celebration. She is complaining, arguing why am I working the last day of the year,  but I needed to write this before the year ends. I feel like those guys that want to do all the stuff they did not during the year in just one day.

I just want to thank all of those that in different ways have bring fun, hope, happiness, love and challenge to my life. Here are my twelve appreciations to those people

1.- I want to thank all my whole life friends for being always there for me and receive me with open arms when I go back to Mexico. Julio, Santiago, Leonardo, Ricardo, Raul, German, Luis, Ana, Aurora. Thanks for all your greetings and your time to share with me.

2.- This year I have to thanks all my collegueas from High School those two reunions were awesome. Keep them going on and on.

3.- I thank my partners Matt, Julio and Rodrigo for being supportive in all decisions we have made over the year.

4.- To @anita_perez and @matt_perez, Julian and @adrian_perez, without you the delivery of Maria Fernanda would be too stressful. Thanks @anita_perez for taking my wife to the hospital and staying with us, thanks for all the support, the gifts, the time and your love. It melt our hearts.

5.- Thanks to my mother in law and my mother to come and help Fernanda my wife to San Jose, CA all the way from Mexico and do it on an “extreme games” (airflight). Those days were easier with your help.

6.- Thanks to all those twitter followers and figures that share your wisdom with your tweets everyday, day and night. @dweekly, @danmartell, @davemcclure, @shelisrael, @andrew_chen, @matt_perez, @carloslaso, @ferhmo, @glfceo, @zapposinsights, @laquesefue, @nogueiradiana, @flabastida, @cyantist and all the people I follow and follow me, my life is different and enriched after you join my world.

7.-My thanks to Shel Israel, Chip Conley, Keith Ferrati, Daniel Friedman, Srikumar Rao, Jim Collings, James Rosswell Quinn, Dave Logan, John King, Brian Solis, Steve Blank, Jeofrey More, all your books are part of my own wisdom.

8.- To my clients for the trust deposited in our company. Scott Carr, Sean Calhoon, Jonhathan, Ray, Lalo, Alonso, Hal, David, Robert, Raza, Jodie, Roger, Luke, Dan, Luis, we are in business and going up because of your support.

9.- All my partners you rock, without your support this year will be impossible. You performed as champions, thanks, Victor, Matt, Jose, Fausto, for your enthusiasm, Ana and Yadira for taking care of us and turn around our numbers, Julio, Rodrigo, Martin, German, Filiberto, Roberto, Victor, Janneth, Yair, Hugo, Diana, Judith, Alejandro, Miguel, Socrates, Jorge, Oscar, Gloria, Aurora, Karen, Sandra, Brenda and Francisco.

10.- To all of those that are not with us anymore that already pass away, I still remember your quotes and lessons though

11.- My friends that are in critical condition right now, I am blessed to meet you in this life. You are in my thoughts everyday.

12.- Finally to my family, without you my life won’t have the same flavors.

Well, I used to do this every year and tried to tell everyone my thoughts, of course, having a blog everyone will be able to see it and that is why I wanted to do it for you.

BTW, I told my wife it is not work, it is my connection to the world. Ok, ready to start celebrating. Happy New 2010!!

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Driven by purpose and passion

December 29, 2009 Leave a comment

The current year is close to the end and it is funny that I have been learning so much stuff in the last 15 days.  I want to share one of the things that I have learned that feels deep and important for me.  This is really good stuff.

If you want to be Driven by purpose and passion instead of power and fear, develop yourself and never, ever loss sigh of your vision.

I almost killed my-self

For most of us this was a terrible year overwhelmed with problems, perhaps some of our dreams were collapsed due to the bad economy. For some other it was a challenging year, armed with the fact that you can “make it” in spite of the turbulent waters and for the few left it was a “lucky” year, a success on their lives.

Well, for me it was between terrible and challenging, but the first part really hit me and I am serious. I felt that I lost my sense of humor, I started to worry more about others think about my actions than thinking about myself. I was self-judgmental, and started to raise reasons to stop believing in what I wanted and created my own obstacles. In a few words, I almost killed my-self.

Sure, it will sound exaggerated for some of you, but it is reality. I am not talking about killing my-self physically, but intellectually. Never the adage that says “You value more for what you are, than for what you have”, made more sense to me ever, not because I lost properties, but because I felt diminished.

I have always been driven by the challenges I have set to my-self, that inspire me to be a better person, more useful for those around me, for the society and the world. I have always wanted to go to the next level.

But, I made a mistake that I have not made before, I let others to make noise in my dream image and I permit my-self to get angry over those things that happened to me that I was not able to control (for example, the economy, the mood of others). This was killing my-self, my enthusiasm, my dreams, my inspiration to others,…..until I heard my own alarm.

One day I was with my kid and he asked me a question… why are you not laughing with me? End of story, that night when I was meditating I promised to my-self to process the garbage and throw it.  I wanted my self-back.

I had a purpose and a passion and not defending my dreams was having a side effect: to loose them and to not originally go after them. It was like being a stranger to my-self just to please others.

What are your dreams?

Life has a lot of distractions and frustrations and those can deviate your attention to the non-important, urgent things you have to do and, in the process start losing the passion for what you really want, your dreams.

Those same dreams can save you from falling in the dark side, but you have to defend them. If you want to know how brave you are, fight with yourself to make your dreams come true and to not forget them. Because think about it, that is the gas that wakes you up every morning.

A good way to do it is to write it down on paper and stick it to the wall so you can see it every day, or you can create a wallpaper for your computer. Do whatever you want, but do it. It is very important, especially in difficult times.

Are you ready for 2010? Start now!!

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Stretch your pocket

December 14, 2009 Leave a comment

Christmas season is always the best season to spend says my wife.  “I find a lot of savings in stores”.  Mmmm have you heard this before? Sure you have. This time is for consuming and companies are fighting to attract the majority of the consumers.

At this time money is short than ever and it seems that product companies are sacrificing some of their profit to sell cheaper (I just saw some ads for HDTV 20% lower than normal) but…. you still have the same budget.

So it is time to stretch your pocket and get more for the same budget but do not spend more in the future. Credit card companies want a slice from your future paychecks and they are bombarding with publicity, do not fall in the trap or your will have a hangover for months.  Remember we just had the worst crisis ever due to that philosophy. Enjoy the season and do not regret next year about it.

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