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Satisfaction is key to success

March 27, 2011 Leave a comment

There is always more satisfaction when you accomplish something that took extreme effort than something with average effort or not effort at all. It may be just me or the way I was educated but it seems that you appreciate yourself and others more when after seeing somebody take his soul and blood they accomplish a goal.

Even if you do not accomplish your goal, like end in a first place in a race, effort is always a satisfying. A way of recognizing that you are doing the right thing.

Having said that. Satisfaction is proportional to the amount of effort invested in your project.

Satisfaction is key to success. You can not be or feel successful, if you are not satisfied with what you are doing. In the end, no effort, no satisfaction, no success.

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Do it for the right reason

November 23, 2010 Leave a comment

I see people, some of them friends trying to make a leap to become entrepreneurs and giving up in the process due to some rock(s) in the road.

Everytime I see this, I just think about my own process and how many obstacles  I have had. I always try to feed the recipients with my own experience, hoping that they will get some advise and continue their journey. Almost all the time I figure out that the reason most of them fail to continue, is that they wanted to become entrepreneurs because of money, meaning that they want to earn more money. Then I realize why they gave up.

Money is a valid reason to motivate yourself, but it is not an inspiration when you start to realize that:

1.- Money will not come automatically.

2.- It is not a motivator for your everyday energy.

3.- Money only help you to satisfy basic needs.

Being an entrepreneur is a difficult journey. Money will not solve your frustrations, especially in your early days, because there is no money in the early days .

If you are in the process of leaving your day job or want to start something on the side, I do recommend to do it for the right reason. What is a right reason? Huh, that is a good question. Everyone has its own reason.

First, it has to be bigger than money. Something that inspire you to wake up everyday energized that guarantee that no matter what challenge you have in front of you, the flame inside of you will last forever. What is that reason? Only you will know it. But one technique that you can use is to ask yourself WHY do you want to do it several times, until you get to the aha! moment.

When you get to this point, giving yourself to what you want in life has no expectation on getting anything back on a given time. If you put yourself 100% into that that you love, money will start flowing and it will bring other challenges. But that is another good problem to have and solve it later.

Good luck in your journey!