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Need to create opportunities… help!

December 27, 2010 Leave a comment

As I mentioned in my last post. I had the intention of bringing some good faith to some families in need. I just wanted to create a different day for them in Christmas eve, hoping that instead of a normal, ordinary day, they will have a special day.  So, some of my colleagues at work decided to find 11 families and bring them dinner for Christmas, some toys and other goods to them.

Before we began our route I was really excited about helping these several families. We began the day delivering goods (food and toys) to the first family. To them it was really good, they were really thankful that someone came out of the blue and help them to have a different day. For me it was not enough, I saw lots of immediate needs and some more long term needs. My excitement turn on preoccupation about how to help this people other than just food and toys.
On duty

There are families that can do better than themselves with just a doses of education. There are other that have too many things against them, like one with three members a 72 year old woman that sustain his 45 year old son that can not walk and his grandson (8 year old).

One day help can change your day and make it better, but what about changing life’s. I want to share some of myself to make a difference with these families. Please give me ideas other to make my goal more effective in the following year.

I wish you a following year full of happiness!

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