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Trust as a market strategy


TRUST has been used as a strategy to gain customer trust and to retain customers to continue buying from our brand. Companies create policies to encourage customers to trust the brand, they train employees to follow those policies and trust starts to get build. But, what about the other side of the coin. Does companies and company employees trust their clients?

The other day I went to a bank branch to pay my credit card directly with a teller. This was the conversation I had:
Teller: Hi, how are you today?

Me: Very good thank you for asking.

Teller: What can I do for you today?

Me: I want to pay this amount (as I hand cash to the teller). It is $800 dollars.

Teller: As he started to enter the info in the computer

Me: Can I pay with a check under my name. The check was payable for me.

Teller: Yes, you can. You just need to sign it on the back.

Me: Ok. I will go to the car to get the check.

Teller: (Here his mood change completely) Hey, you can not go and let this money here. I can not be responsible for this.

Me: Sorry. I was just going to pickup the check from my car. (At this moment I felt embarrassed as other customer were watching the scene)

Teller: If you want to go you have to take the money with you. (Second time she mentioned it)

Me: Ok, give me the money please.

Of course, after this I did not come back and went to another branch to do all at once.

I was not expecting that reaction from him. And besides being rude with me I was expecting some respect to me. You can argue that yes he must finish the current transaction and after that I could go to my car, but the point is not about the process, but about his reaction about a need from a client (me).

There are some companies that actually trust the customer as much as they ask the customer to trust the brand. Zappos do it through their two-way free shipping (link). Target (link) do it with their refund without question you did not like it, we exchange it or give your money back.

How are you trust your customers as much as you ask them to trust your brand? Any comments.

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