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Today is appreciation day!!

Here I am hiding in my room from my wife that wants to take me off the house to start new years celebration. She is complaining, arguing why am I working the last day of the year,  but I needed to write this before the year ends. I feel like those guys that want to do all the stuff they did not during the year in just one day.

I just want to thank all of those that in different ways have bring fun, hope, happiness, love and challenge to my life. Here are my twelve appreciations to those people

1.- I want to thank all my whole life friends for being always there for me and receive me with open arms when I go back to Mexico. Julio, Santiago, Leonardo, Ricardo, Raul, German, Luis, Ana, Aurora. Thanks for all your greetings and your time to share with me.

2.- This year I have to thanks all my collegueas from High School those two reunions were awesome. Keep them going on and on.

3.- I thank my partners Matt, Julio and Rodrigo for being supportive in all decisions we have made over the year.

4.- To @anita_perez and @matt_perez, Julian and @adrian_perez, without you the delivery of Maria Fernanda would be too stressful. Thanks @anita_perez for taking my wife to the hospital and staying with us, thanks for all the support, the gifts, the time and your love. It melt our hearts.

5.- Thanks to my mother in law and my mother to come and help Fernanda my wife to San Jose, CA all the way from Mexico and do it on an “extreme games” (airflight). Those days were easier with your help.

6.- Thanks to all those twitter followers and figures that share your wisdom with your tweets everyday, day and night. @dweekly, @danmartell, @davemcclure, @shelisrael, @andrew_chen, @matt_perez, @carloslaso, @ferhmo, @glfceo, @zapposinsights, @laquesefue, @nogueiradiana, @flabastida, @cyantist and all the people I follow and follow me, my life is different and enriched after you join my world.

7.-My thanks to Shel Israel, Chip Conley, Keith Ferrati, Daniel Friedman, Srikumar Rao, Jim Collings, James Rosswell Quinn, Dave Logan, John King, Brian Solis, Steve Blank, Jeofrey More, all your books are part of my own wisdom.

8.- To my clients for the trust deposited in our company. Scott Carr, Sean Calhoon, Jonhathan, Ray, Lalo, Alonso, Hal, David, Robert, Raza, Jodie, Roger, Luke, Dan, Luis, we are in business and going up because of your support.

9.- All my partners you rock, without your support this year will be impossible. You performed as champions, thanks, Victor, Matt, Jose, Fausto, for your enthusiasm, Ana and Yadira for taking care of us and turn around our numbers, Julio, Rodrigo, Martin, German, Filiberto, Roberto, Victor, Janneth, Yair, Hugo, Diana, Judith, Alejandro, Miguel, Socrates, Jorge, Oscar, Gloria, Aurora, Karen, Sandra, Brenda and Francisco.

10.- To all of those that are not with us anymore that already pass away, I still remember your quotes and lessons though

11.- My friends that are in critical condition right now, I am blessed to meet you in this life. You are in my thoughts everyday.

12.- Finally to my family, without you my life won’t have the same flavors.

Well, I used to do this every year and tried to tell everyone my thoughts, of course, having a blog everyone will be able to see it and that is why I wanted to do it for you.

BTW, I told my wife it is not work, it is my connection to the world. Ok, ready to start celebrating. Happy New 2010!!

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