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Driven by purpose and passion

The current year is close to the end and it is funny that I have been learning so much stuff in the last 15 days.  I want to share one of the things that I have learned that feels deep and important for me.  This is really good stuff.

If you want to be Driven by purpose and passion instead of power and fear, develop yourself and never, ever loss sigh of your vision.

I almost killed my-self

For most of us this was a terrible year overwhelmed with problems, perhaps some of our dreams were collapsed due to the bad economy. For some other it was a challenging year, armed with the fact that you can “make it” in spite of the turbulent waters and for the few left it was a “lucky” year, a success on their lives.

Well, for me it was between terrible and challenging, but the first part really hit me and I am serious. I felt that I lost my sense of humor, I started to worry more about others think about my actions than thinking about myself. I was self-judgmental, and started to raise reasons to stop believing in what I wanted and created my own obstacles. In a few words, I almost killed my-self.

Sure, it will sound exaggerated for some of you, but it is reality. I am not talking about killing my-self physically, but intellectually. Never the adage that says “You value more for what you are, than for what you have”, made more sense to me ever, not because I lost properties, but because I felt diminished.

I have always been driven by the challenges I have set to my-self, that inspire me to be a better person, more useful for those around me, for the society and the world. I have always wanted to go to the next level.

But, I made a mistake that I have not made before, I let others to make noise in my dream image and I permit my-self to get angry over those things that happened to me that I was not able to control (for example, the economy, the mood of others). This was killing my-self, my enthusiasm, my dreams, my inspiration to others,…..until I heard my own alarm.

One day I was with my kid and he asked me a question… why are you not laughing with me? End of story, that night when I was meditating I promised to my-self to process the garbage and throw it.  I wanted my self-back.

I had a purpose and a passion and not defending my dreams was having a side effect: to loose them and to not originally go after them. It was like being a stranger to my-self just to please others.

What are your dreams?

Life has a lot of distractions and frustrations and those can deviate your attention to the non-important, urgent things you have to do and, in the process start losing the passion for what you really want, your dreams.

Those same dreams can save you from falling in the dark side, but you have to defend them. If you want to know how brave you are, fight with yourself to make your dreams come true and to not forget them. Because think about it, that is the gas that wakes you up every morning.

A good way to do it is to write it down on paper and stick it to the wall so you can see it every day, or you can create a wallpaper for your computer. Do whatever you want, but do it. It is very important, especially in difficult times.

Are you ready for 2010? Start now!!

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