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Stretch your pocket

Christmas season is always the best season to spend says my wife.  “I find a lot of savings in stores”.  Mmmm have you heard this before? Sure you have. This time is for consuming and companies are fighting to attract the majority of the consumers.

At this time money is short than ever and it seems that product companies are sacrificing some of their profit to sell cheaper (I just saw some ads for HDTV 20% lower than normal) but…. you still have the same budget.

So it is time to stretch your pocket and get more for the same budget but do not spend more in the future. Credit card companies want a slice from your future paychecks and they are bombarding with publicity, do not fall in the trap or your will have a hangover for months.  Remember we just had the worst crisis ever due to that philosophy. Enjoy the season and do not regret next year about it.

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