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Why blogging now

Some have asked me about my blog and why am I blogging and why in English and Spanish. Well, it is difficult to maintain both versions.

I will try to publish in both languages, but it will certainly be difficult for two reasons:

1.- Time. It is time consuming to translate everything I have to say.

2.- Context. Some of my post will make sense universally and some will make sense in Mexico only, due to global knowledge applied to my local town and extended sometimes to my country.

Why blog in English?

I am not trying to exclude those who do not read english, but it is just that some thoughts come in english for me. When in Spanish it is for the same reason. Either way I know that all the information I will post here will be interesting, controversial and some times funny.

Well, I leave you here with my thoughts and experiences and hope it feeds your brain for good!!

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